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Strategies and Implementation

The fifth level is about shaping the future to get to desirable ends with available means, disseminate the results of the design course summed up and exploit the planned process of convincing for long term target groups.

The objectives of this project are to prepare some measures and proposals for explaining the kind of living in relation to Co2 reduction and appropriate ecological footprints. This means how we have to change our lifestyle for redesigning systems to create carbon-neutral, zero waste and liveable communities.

5.1.. Strategy for preserving &conserving our existing Living Environment

Conservation slows the rate at which things are getting worse by allowing scarce resources to be

stretched further. Unfortunately, conservation implicitly assumes that damage must be done and that

the only resource is to somehow minimize this damage.

5.2.. Strategy for regeneration and repairing

Regeneration is the repair and renewal of the living tissue. This may involve recreating habitats or

implementing renewable energies. It is a form of healing and renewal that embodies the richest

possibilities of culture that actively regenerate human and ecosystem health.

5.3.. Strategy for sophisticated stewardship

To manage our continually changing activities in land use planning, new ´polycentric governing

styles´ may support the dialogue between all the stakeholders, in an on-going process to create

effective governance toward a ´learning region´ co-affected democratically by everyone.