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The scientific members of the Association Academia Danubiana are invited by the Azorean Government in Ponta Delgada at the Isle of Sao Miguel for supporting the development of an ecosite in Quinta do Norte. In May 2013 Werner Kvarda was organising a workshop at Quinta do Norte, which should play a specific role in the future at the local level (village of Capelas), regional level (Ilha de Sao Miguel), and also national and international level.

An ecosite is a physical site. It is a demonstration site dedicated to innovation and knowledge transfer to promote environmental protection and equitable sustainable development.

  • The demonstration site proactively carries out actions for knowledge transfer, such as awareness campaigns, education, training, interpretation and demonstrating environmental technologies as a regular part of the site´s activities.

The ecosite should develop a link between integrative nature conservation and harmonising with other uses of the landscape (farming) in a multifunctional way. Integration of natural science centres (environmental education) biological farms and other comparable organisations, sharing of experience, education tools and specific competence.

“In short, it is intended that the Quinta do Norte becomes a place where the community, in general, can enjoy the contact with nature and with the old Azorean traditions. We also want to be a centre of socializing, learning and preparation for the labour market, especially for people with some sort of dependency and for young people of our community. Promoting a sustainable agricultural production, preserving the environment, as a way to satisfy the alimentary needs (plant and animal foods) of the project partners.” Francisco Ledo – Manager at Quinta do Norte.

Address: Village of Capelas, Ponta Delgada, Isle of Sao Miguel, Açores, Portugal