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Elaborating concrete projects implementing a transnational exchange of experiences upon advice and reconciliation of various subjects between the stakeholders. The general objectives are:

  • to support so-called best practice models for integrated land utilisation in the cities and regions along the Danube
  • to promote a new culture in transdisciplinarity focusing on the co-operation between ecological, technical, social and economic issues
  • to establish ecocentres and ecoparks and cooperate with the ECOLINK network in Europe
  • to disseminate the results of R&D and cooperate within the process of the local AGENDA 21.

The scope of the integrated project will be due to the combination of international exchange of experience, model-orientation and the relevant criteria for projects on the one hand and the exemplary implementation of high quality pilot projects on the other hand. This is a process which guarantees that the principles of a model can actually be put in concrete terms and finally implemented on the level of a project. Experiences made in such a process (quality criteria, selection, effect of the project) should be adapted in such a way that they can be applied to the study program and the seminars.