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Permaculture Design Course 2013 – City of the Future

The project “Permaculture Design Course” continues this year in Neusiedl am See with an additional topic “PDC-NEU-The city of the future”. Last year in Aspern-Seestadt the main topic was ´permaculture design´. We were elaborating best practice of permaculture principles and patterns to the public for local open space development, fostering community gardens, roof gardens, leisure activities etc.


This year in Neusiedl am See we will continue on the experiences of the former IP in Aspern Seestadt, to follow best practices of permaculture design and ecology, in addition to architecture design, spatial planning, requirements of solidarity economy and culture&identity. In close cooperation with representatives from the City municipality of Neusiedl am See and local representatives and students from the Danube region the topic will be working on new models for ´the city of the future´.

Redesigning systems to create carbon-neutral, zero-waste, liveable communities will not even slash the ecological impacts of growth in those cities, but will also help build models for development that are cheaper and more replicable in other cities across the planet. Ecological footprints and carbon footprints, which we can measure using simple online quizzes, provide us with a metaphor for understanding how is our consume impact on the planet. In solidarity economy, the meaning of sustainability include also social sustainability, and we could say that “In the city of the future”, it will be a matter, first and foremost, of satisfying the needs of people for a high quality of life with concurrent sustainable development”.

We want to explain for the city of Neusiedl am See the kind of living which means 2t CO2/person/a by 2050, instead of 7-11 CO2 t/per person/a, at the moment within industrial countries. We have to achieve a 2000 Watt society, like Zurich will reach these standards within the next 20 years, without losing a reduction of an appropriate life style. We want to show for Neusiedl am See, how the inhabitants can obtain these limits and want also discuss these criteria with local stakeholders and politicians.

Download for further reading: The city of the future in Aspern Seestadt in Vienna – and follow up in Neusiedl am See


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