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Within the third phase of the Intensive Programme (IPSOIL III), we will initiate specific actions for policy support, to integrate the ´Thematic strategy for soil protection´ from the DG Environment of the European Commission, within an empowering dialogue, to implement it on a regional basis. Therefore we want to achieve a cooperative network of universities, cities and towns along the Danube, emphasising a common vision of measures against uncontrolled sealing and damage of soil and land, intending to develop concepts for integrated land utilisation and to initiate a ´learning region´.

The ´learning region´ should be seen as a continuous learning process, that provides the region with a cross-sectoral platform to discuss sustainable land use development as a precondition for ecological awareness for collective action. The Neusiedlersee region needs to become a ´learning region´ and enhance institutional capacity building. It requires good levels of trust between regional and local administration and the different elements of stakeholders in the region based on the experience of working successfully together. It should enable the environmental and nature protection institutions together to release the potential of public, regional and political agencies and enable each of these to contribute to the achievement of awareness of a desirable and responsible land use of the region.

Soil and land use education includes both the creation of the framework conditions for measures raising awareness and an enhancement of a dialogue between all the partners (schools, adult education, universities, stakeholders of the region etc.) in an ongoing process to create effective governance towards a ´learning region´ and by learning from each other more and more. The preparatory meeting for the learning region concept will take place end of November 2006 in Neusiedl am See and as an initial event, we are organising a final conference March 16th 2007.

Download for further reading:
Blum, Winfried E.H.; Kvarda, Werner:  “Lifelong Learning for Understanding Soil and Landuse systems” BOKU, Wien (pdf, 370 kb)

 Application IPSOIL III 2006-2007 BOKU, Wien (344 kb)

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