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Case Studies

For the first time in one of the European regions we will transfer operational goals and objectives for soil protection within the basis of the ´EU soil communication´: “Towards a thematic strategy for soil protection” – COM (2002, 179 Brussels). Within this strategy there are explicitly mentioned the objectives of our application, in particular the eight threats of soil.

I. Introduction and analysis of the interdependencies of the soil loss and soil degradation: Within a first step we will analyze the interdependencies of the eight threats of the soil, which are demonstrating soil degradation and soil loss (soil sealing, soil compression, local and diffuses contamination, soil erosion, eutrophication, salinisation, nutrient depletion, soil acidification.

II. Development and harmonisation of methods of dataanalysis about the state of the soil: Development and harmonisation of methods for the analysis of the state of the eight threats to soil and their changes in time (GIS, etc.)

III. Presenting the driving forces and pressures of the ecosystem soil: Relating the eight threats to driving forces and pressures = Cross linking with EU and other policies (agriculture, transport, energy, environment etc.)

IV. Describing the impacts of soil degredation in relation to other environmental issues: Analysis of the impacts (Auswirkungen) of the eight threats, relating them to soil deliverables into other environmental compartments (loss of biodiversity, climate change, changes in population, water stress etc.)

V. Developing operational procedures for sustainable landuse and regional development: Development of operational procedurs for the mitigation of the threats = responses. How to establish regional development with great responsibility in relation to the vertical system of land use (biomass production) for getting an economic yield of the soil.

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