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Projectweek April 3rd – April 17th 2005

The program of the Intensive program in Neusiedl am See is organised in three different parts:

BLOCK 1 (April 4th – April 6th)
At the beginning we will have lectures about various topics for the five main soil research clusters for clarifying research ambiguities. Within the following discussions we will compare and review the data and facts from the various countries. Additionally we will have practical seminars about the topic ´ecology of the soil´. This will help to develop an emotional relationship with the project.

BLOCK 2 (April 7th – April 9th)
Within a future search workshop “Searching for a common ground for our common Soil” the participants will get a broad overview about our common problems with the soil difficulties. The future search workshop is a concentrated way of working and clearly structured. The proceeding structure refers to an ongoing desirable dialogue and is promoting an emotional gathering and interpersonal growing of the participants. It also enables all the stakeholders to better understand their joint position and assuming more responsibility. The common goal is a vision, based on the hopes and finally specifying measures what can be done on different problems with priorities on short and long time actions. The participants have different tasks and are working continuously in changing groups. Finally the groups are suggesting possible remedies and are specifying for each problem area what can be done by whom, how and when. Finally each group is presenting an integrated action plan what they are working on in the following project week.

BLOCK 3 (April 11th – April 16th)
Within the following project week the students will elaborate in various groups concrete proposals about the topics of the IP and will finally produce a publication.