stones ipsoil3 valley



+ FH Deggendorf – Faculty of Civil Engineering – Dr. Wolfgang Dorner [wolfgang.dorner(a)], Civil Engineer



+ CorvinusUniversityBudapest- Instituteof Landscape Planning- Prof. Csemez Attila  [attila.csemez(a)],  Landscape Planner


Slovak Republic

+ Slovak Technical University – Department of Spatial Planning –  Prof. Maros Finka  [finka(a)],  Vicerector, Architect



+ Universityof Ljubljana  – Agronomy Department – Dr. Tomaz Prus  [tomaz.prus(a)],  Senior Lecturer  soil scientist


Republic of Croatia

+ Universityof Zagreb, Department of General Agronomy – Prof. Ivica Kisic  [ikisic(a)],   Head of Department


Republic of Serbia

+ Universityof Belgrade – Prof. Velimir Secerov  [app2000(a)],   Institute of Spatial Planning,

+ Agency for Spatial Planning in Serbia – Prof. Borislav Stojkov  [stojkov(a)],  Director, Spatial Planner



+ Sumy, National Agrarian University- Dr. Andriy Melnik  [melnik(a)],  Vice rector,  Ecologist



+ Higher Institute for Labour and Business Sciences, Lisboa –  Prof. José Manuel Henriques [ jose.henriques(a)],   Economist



+ Institute of Soil Research– BOKU Wien – Prof. Winfried E.H. Blum [Wblum(a)],  soil research

+ Institute of Structural Engineering– BOKU Wien – Prof. Martin Treberspurg  [martin.treberspurg(a)], architect

+ Government of Burgenland – Kurt Lentsch  [kurt.lentsch(a)], Vice Governor, Major of Neusiedl am See

+ Federal Ministry of Education Art &Culture – Dr. Günther Pfaffenwimmer [Guenther.Pfaffenwimmer(a)],  Biologist