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Study Programs

Transdisciplinarity requires methods to conceptualize knowledge integration for different, systems, disciplines, qualities and interests. Therefore a postgraduate study program will be established to promote mutual learning within a dialogue between municipalities, universities and the society.

Basic principles for sustainability are guidelines that should be taken into consideration by all the stakeholders in their decision-making. This requires a continued process taking economic, social and ecological qualities into account.

  • Social justice and co-responsibility means to support participation and networking, enhance local identity and assure a living model of fairness and solidarity
  • A viable economic system for the future strenghtening the economic structure to generate and secure employment, supports regionality and subsidiarity and enhances educational and permanent learning,
  • Finally we need a responsible management of the natural environment for preserving the diversity of species and landscapes and the protection of environmental media and climate

The objectives of this program will be to provide tools for elaborating spatial integration models, new environmental technologies and implementing environmental education into all sectors of activities. Models of integrated land utilisation with a circular metabolism should be developed to create a multifunctional and integrated patchwork of village renewal projects connected with greenways, agriculture and forestry related to wilderness.