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Aims & Goals

The aim of the ACADEMIA DANUBIANA is to achieve an integrated set of projects, study programs and seminars within a transdisciplinary approach to improve the knowledge between universities, local authorities, the public sector, industries and non-governmental organisations.

To encourage links between the accession countries, science and society, different thematic areas will be covered with the following objectives:

  • preserve the ecosystem and protect biodiversity within the Danube region by developing models of integrated land utilisation,
  • elaborate spatial integration studies for integrating sustainable transport systems which respects natural areas (biocorridors) to minimise their impact on the environment,
  • to promote sustainable technology demonstration centres for developing local and regional policies.

The themes for projects, seminars and study programs will reflect the policies on sustainable land use management and planning from various perspectives, and the protection of habitats and natural resources. Interrelation with transport planning, soil protection, architecture, renewable energy systems, city planning and spatial development, but also agricultural policies will be explored. The project Academia Danubiana could act very well as a model of European significance.