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Sustainable development concept in the monastery Zwettl

SOCRATES PROGRAM for the ERASMUS intensive program for the academic year 2005/2006

Project conception

European monasteries, which form an architectural unit with the church´s structural facilities and open spaces, are to a large extent seperated from its surroundings.

Due to new tasks and necessary economic activities, new concepts should be developed in order to consider future uses of the buildings of monasteries and their free spaces.

Particularly the question of how similar monasteries in east and west can be improved in the future is to be regarded. This can be done by concrete structural and economic measures, which lead to a better integration of the monasteries into the region and therefore improve their chances to persist.

Together with students from the Danube states and with representatives from science, administration and the church, solutions for a future development of the monastery Zwettl are examined in a communicative learning process.


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ico_pdf Antrag IP Vita Nova (German)

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