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Block 2

Future Search Conference

A search conference is a concentrated, intense way of working, well suited for strategy and planning processes. In a search conference the participants, were working three days, design the system´s most desired future and formulate creative strategies to bring that future about. The way of working and the rules for group discussions combines system thinking with democratic strategy processes. People´s best thinking and positive energy are released to create tangible results, including real breakthroughs in tough situations. The Vision is made up of the group´s hopes and dreams as a common goal, a picture of what they see going on in their future.

We have chosen the methodology of a ´future search conference´, that gives people the tools they need for developing a shared vision, systems thinking and team learning.

  • The whole system in one room – desirable trends through mind mapping
  • Focuses on the future scenarios and on possibilities more than problems
  • Utilize selfmanagement in group working, for reducing dependency and refusal
  • Discovering and searching for ´common ground´

Download for further reading:

Future Search Conference (pdf, 38 kb)
Zukunftswerkstatt in Neusiedl am See (pdf, 43 kb)
Konferncia o Hladani Buducnosti (pdf, 146 kb)

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